Book Local Values

Locally Owned and Locally Run Benefits

Our company was founded here by people who live here and serves just our local area. We hire local people, proudly pay a living wage, we buy most of our business supplies, homegoods, and materials locally, so our business really is creating a significant impact in our rural, underserved economy. Compare that to other Vacation Rental companies or third-party booking sites who have national or global presence, and often outsource almost all of their hospitality support positions and spend your money on more and more marketing. We don’t have that competitive advantage to reach our audience, but we do have reliable, local people who can help make sure your stay is 5-star worthy.
Vacation dollars matter a great deal to our communities, and many of our incredible artisans, creators, and restaurants don’t have a way of selling to guests until they make it here to experience Taos. After making the choice to come here, the next great choice guests can make is to book lodging directly with a local company, fly with Taos Air, etc. While also saving money on third party fees, booking local means so much more of every dollar spent stays here to help improve quality of life outcomes for people who live full-time or seasonally in this area. Taos, along with experiencing a recent boom in vacation rental interest/revenue and second home purchases, suffers the downsides of resort pricing on commodities along with a significant lack of availability of affordable rental housing, driving long term rental rates up for locals and pushing workers out of the area for more affordable locations. Since our area thrives and benefits in so many ways directly due to cultural, arts and recreation tourism, and we need a thriving working community to provide quality hospitality service in our area, we are actively working on solutions locally to increase available affordable housing so Taos can be a place where locals and visitors alike can enjoy, protect, and enrich this incredible place we call home. 
Abode seeks to partner with owners of homes who use their places for part of the year, many of our owners live in New Mexico, they are not absentee investment property owners, and Abode focuses on representing homes in areas which do not represent working class communities or the lower end of the housing market and will continue to move even further in that direction as a business in the years to come.

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Abode Gives Back Here

Abode supports local nonprofits, youth and community work in Taos County. Each year we support youth through sponsorships of sports programs, arts programs and through hiring of young local people into jobs that create opportunities in service and hospitality industry careers locally and anywhere in the world.